Who should hire a wedding planner?

Every couple who is engaged should hire a wedding planner unless you have no expectation on the most important and special occasion of your life. A professional wedding planner can plan and create your unique wedding theme and present it accurately no matter how much your budget is. Always remember that creating your dream and perfect wedding is always possible!


Wedding planner is wasting money. It is sort of useless item, why do I have to hire one?

Wedding planner can tailor-made a match-your-wants design and inject inspirations to your wedding ideas. A professional wedding planner can provide the best choice to you based on your budget and needs in a very short time, even in a few seconds. They will keep tracking your wedding status with you regularly to ensure everything is on schedule and nothing is being overlooked. In addition to a planner, they are also an advisor to the couple. An experienced wedding planner always provides time and cost saving ideas. Thus, hiring a wedding planner may actually save your money in the long run.


Is there any charge for the initial meeting of our wedding?

The initial meeting is absolutely FREE of charge. It is a way to give a chance to understand more among each other. Simply provide information such as your wedding date and venue, estimate number of guests, type of wedding and the services you required and we will present our unique wedding services and show you what we can do. You may then get some concrete plans for your dream wedding. Please just fill in the form here.


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