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Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. There's no doubt that you and your loved one will put in many expectations and hopes for your wedding day. Thus, it's important that everything turns out to be right.


At Love & Love, we truly understand how much it really means to your dream wedding, that it will be remembered by you and everyone else, as a flawless beautiful wedding day. And that everything single detail is taken care of where you and your loved one can just truly enjoy the meaningful wedding moments without worries.


We specialize in planning classy, elegant and romantic weddings. Our wedding experts work with you to outline your vision for your whole wedding from the largest items to the tiniest details, and make them come true! In recommending and managing all of the logistics from concept development, vendor sourcing and selection, liaison, understanding customs and your family priorities, time control, production supervision, to on site floor management, we free your mind to focus on what really matters, that is you and your loved one being the stars of the day.


With our team of experienced planners, you and your perfect wedding are in the very best of hands. We are excited in bringing joy to happy couples on the day that matters most.


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Let you enjoy the big day with your loved one

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Make your dream wedding a reality!

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